Large Hei Matau
Hei Matau Size: 54cm - Base 24.5cm x 19cm  This carving is very large and solid. Made of Kauri (Agathis macrophylla) This fish hook represents strength, prosperity, abundance and a...
Manaia (Kauri)
Made of Kauri (Agathis macrophylla) Comes with a Koha (gift) of a 27cm x 27cm Korowai to use for presentation purposes. Manaia Wood Carving 45cm x 3.5cm  Base 20cm x 14cm   Currently...
Engraved Manaia
Size: 31cm x 14.4cm x 6.5cm Large double sided Manaia Trophy crafted from plantation grown gabon using laser technology and hand assembled. This piece of art boasts super fine detail,...
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