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Carved Wahaika - Wood Carvings

Carved Wahaika - Wood Carvings

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37cm x 12.3cm x 2.4cm Wahaika 40cm x 9cm x 3.5cm Base 

Comes with a Koha (gift) of a 27cm x 27cm Korowai to use for presentation purposes.

Made in NZ from sustainably harvested tulip wood

This piece has Pāua inlay set in the eyes and belongings to the Meremere or short combat weapons group. Waha-ika means the mouth of the fish. If you look at the shape of the weapon it looks like the shape of a whales lower jaw bone. Was used where quick in-fighting action required thrusting jabs. Wahaika has two vital components. The recess used for piercing the stomach, and the figurine (guardian) to protect the user should he be attacked from behind.

Wood grain and colour may vary to the one pictured

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