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Hei Tiki 21st Key - 21st Keys

Hei Tiki 21st Key - 21st Keys

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Size:    29cm x 58cm x 2.5cm (HxLxW)

In Maori legend, Tiki is the chief son of Rangi and Papa (the Sky Father and the Earth Mother). The belief is that tiki serve as dwelling places for ancestral spirits, while others are vessels for gods and supernatural beings. The tilted head of Tiki symbolises clear thinking, the hands (strength) mouth (communication), the heart (love), and the loins (fertility). The receiver is assumed to be of strong character, clear thinking, perceptive loyal, and knowledgeable, making the Hei-Tiki a very treasured taonga (gift)..

This artwork with its intricate design is an impressive contemporary representation of Hei-Tiki. The key is crafted from recycled Native New Zealand Rimu veneerboard, medium density fibreboard (mdf), Gaboon veneer plywood and embellished with NZ Paua & Mother of Pearl laminate.

Comes with a Sharpie pen, Gold chain for wall mounting and a Stand if you choose to use it. Photo frame (c/w instructions on how to mount your photo) 


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