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Tiki Waka Huia - Wood Carving

Tiki Waka Huia - Wood Carving

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Waka huia is treasure containers for storing a person's most prized personal possessions, such as hei tiki (pendants), feathers for decorating and dressing the hair, and other items of personal adornment. This piece has Pāua inlay set in the eyes of the Tiki and surrounds of the lid and base. It closes with a neat hole and pins at each end.

Waka huia and Papa hou were imbued with the tapu (taboo) of their owners because they contained personal items that regularly came into contact with the body, particularly the head (the most tapu part of the body).

Comes with a koha (free) cloak to go around it

21cm x 10cm x 8.3cm Weighs 420g approximately

Made in NZ from sustainably harvested tulip wood.


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