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Olive Green Black and White Poutama - Taniko 2.5

Olive Green Black and White Poutama - Taniko 2.5

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This Olive Green Black and White Poutama 2.5 inches wide taniko band is available 1 metre or a 5 metre roll. Poutama design symbolises the growth of man, striving ever upwards. The poutama (step-like pattern) has both religious and educational meanings. The steps symbolise levels of attainment and advancement.

This pattern represents the staircase that the god Tane climbed to heaven to get the three baskets of knowledge for the Maori people. Tane is the god who pushed father sky and mother earth apart, so that sunlight could come between them, and thus plants and animals could grow. After he had created food, Tane created man. Tane felt that man needed knowledge too so he set out to find this knowledge. Tane climbed the highest staircase to heaven and it was there that he found the three baskets (kete) of knowledge that he brought back for man.  

The Three Baskets of Knowledge are: 1. Te Kete Uruuru Tau Aronui - containing  wisdom, building, arts and agriculture. 2. Te Kete Uruuru Matua Tuauri - containing ancient rites and ceremonies 3. Te Kete Uruuru Rangi Tuatea - containing the knowledge of incantations, war, magic, and the tradition which includes the history of the Maori people.   

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