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Pāua Korowai

Pāua Korowai

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These beautiful handcrafted Korowai, are double lined with heavy duty poplin, and the bands are quality made here in New Zealand. In wearing my Korowai your mauri (life force) and the spirit of your tupuna (ancestors) will bring it to life to protect and help you over come all challenges life that lays in front of you.

Turquoise, royal blue and white hen colours taken from the NZ Pāua. New Zealand’s Pāua, (known as abalone in other countries), are all unique species of abalone found only in New Zealand, and are distinguished by their brilliantly coloured shells. Pāua have an oval shaped shell, inside which is a large muscular foot which clings to rocks..

41inches x 42 inches in length

Korowais can NOW be shipped within Australia. Before placing an order Please contact Maree first thank you >>  Contact Us. 

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